My Story

Hi! I'm Jasmine, founder and creator of Tiny Soap Diary. I fell in love with making soap during the pandemic. I simply saw it as a fun and creative hobby to do with my husband as well as a sustainable way to stay busy. 

Over time, my journey as a soap maker became more personal for me. During the last two years, my mental health was declining, despite learning a new craft. Due to the stresses of my career path at the time, I was later diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. Those couple of years have taught me that my chronic feelings of extreme nervousness and panic attacks were not the norm. Something had to change. I felt so imbalanced in my life during that time, especially with my career. 

After some soul searching, I decided to make a change and trade in my medical scrubs for a new form of science: artisan soap. I had the desire to create a brand that prioritized self-care, focusing on restoring balance and wellness. In soap making, balance is key, just like your mental health.

From then on, creating soap was a gentle reminder to take those moments for yourself. I look forward to being part of your journey in helping you pause, relax and glow from the inside out.