Soap Making Process

Cold Process Soap

This method of soap making combines three simple ingredients: Fat (oils/butters) + strong base (sodium hydroxide) + water. When all ingredients are combined, saponification (chemical reaction for making soap) occurs and ta-da! You have bar soap.

Ingredients: Each of our ingredients are carefully selected, weighed and prepared prior to making each batch. Every bar is made using our uniquely formulated recipe consisting of skin loving oils, butters and phthalate free scents.

Method: Our soap is made using the cold process method where 3 simple ingredients - Fat (oils/butters) + strong base (sodium hydroxide) + distilled water - are combined. And not to forget the scents that may be used for those bars. This is when science and art come together.

Process: Once all of our ingredients are combined into soap molds, each batch sits for 24 hours prior to cutting. When they are ready, each batch is cut into individual bars and cure or “age” for 4-8 weeks.

Quality Control: During the curing period, each soap is monitored and inspected prior to being packaged.

Packaging: Each soap is carefully packaged by hand. Open, smile, enjoy!