Take a look at what other people are saying about Tiny Soap Diary:

Judy K. // California
"I love Tiny Soap Diary! Not only do they smell absolutely divine, they leave your skin feeling clean and soft. They are so aesthetically pleasing, each bar of soap is its own little work of art! You can really tell the creators are meticulous with the quality of their product and it really shows. The packaging alone was truly something special! I am excited to order more and treat myself to more mini spa days at home!"

Angelica P. // Washington
"Everyone needs to run and buy soap from Tiny Soap Diary! I've been loving having their hand soap in all our bathrooms! The packaging is amazing and the soap feels super luxurious and doesn't dry my hands out.

Claudia L. // California
"Tiny Soap Diary makes the most luxurious soaps I’ve ever used! They’re gentle on my sensitive skin and give a very silky smooth lather. The best part is that I can use them safely without worrying about harsh chemicals or preservatives. The owner Jasmine is also very gracious and knowledgeable, and will take the time to understand your needs to make sure you’re getting the right soap. I love this brand, 10/10 recommendation!"

Salin H. // California
"Every experience I have with Tiny Soap always exceeds my expectations! From the packaging to the use of the soap itself creates a luxurious experience. Not only am I a huge fan of the way she has created her clean, minimal aesthetic, but I’m a huge fan of how clean her ingredients are and how they feel on my skin. Don’t even get me started on the scents. My favorite has to be the rose from the recent V-day collection and the matcha tea is the one I grab the most often. Overall, obsessed to say the least!"